CBILS Deadlines Fact or Fiction?


There seems to be a bit of misinformation going around at the moment regarding CBILS and when it is going to finish.

The facts are that as at today, i.e. 20th August:

– The CBILS Scheme will end for applications on 30th September 2020
– However funders will have an extra 2 months to process and approve those applications, i.e. to 30th November 2020

There is no further word yet on extending CBILS beyond this point and we therefore need to be working towards the 30th September as the application deadline, which is less than 6 weeks away!

For the larger CLBILS Scheme the deadline for applications is 20th October 2020 and for approvals 31st December.

If you need help and advice, we at Snowball Group can assess your options, prepare your application and source the funding for you, and we continue to have a 100% record on CBILS and have advised on in excess of £15m of applications.

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